MetroAg Course

MetroAg Online Open Course

Week 1

Week 1: Introduction to Metropolitan Agriculture

Welcome to week one of the MetroAg Open Online course! This week you will be introduced to challenges, competing values and strategies relating to Metropolitan Agriculture. You will listen to a presentation from an expert in Metropolitan Agriculture and take part in an online discussion. Details are below!


  1. Weekly Webcast: The live webcast for this week was held on Monday, March 12, 2012. If you were unable to watch the live presentation you can listen to the recording of the webcast by going to the following link: Week 1 Webcast Recording. During the webcast participants listened to a presentation and asked questions through an online chat.
  2. Reading: Read pages 28-47 of the Sustainable Agricultural Entrepreneurship.
  3. Discussion Forum: Each week you will be asked to answer a question in a discussion forum. The question will be focused on the weekly webcast topic.  A discussion forum is an online conversation in the form of posted messages. You can post your reply to the question and also reply to posts made by other participants. These discussions are meant to be a place to share thoughts and ideas – so feel free to comment, post messages and get the conversation started! Click HERE to go to the forum for this week or click on the Forum link at the top of the page. To submit your answer to the question select “Reply to Post.”

Webcast Details


“The Challenge”

“Competing Values”

“A New Logic”

“Operational Approach”

“The New Agricultural Entrepreneur”

“New Modes of Co-Creating Value”