MetroAg Course

MetroAg Online Open Course

Course Schedule

6-Week Online Course Outline

Webcast times
Webcasts are on Monday, beginning March 12. The time is 11 am Eastern (US) and 4 pm Central European.

  •  In April the US has a time zone change. In April, the course webcast will be at 11 am (Eastern) and 5 pm (Central).

The time for Europe does change in April but not for US based participants.

The course begins on March 12. It will follow an open-dialogue approach and consist of a wide variety of content resources, speakers, and activities. Each week there will be a live online lecture from one of the instructors which will be recorded for those who cannot attend the live session. In addition, the course will include resources such as readings, videos, web site links, a taped interview, newspaper articles, academic articles, and reports. Assignments will be required for those taking the certificate track and include discussion forums, blog postings (SWOT Analysis, weekly reflection on course projects, compare/contrast), an interview with an expert, and a final project.

The final project requires participants to develop a metropolitan agriculture concept that they could implement in their own area.